Senior Reflections – Brandy Vickers

My past 7 years in CCSA have gone by so fast; I can hardly believe that it is already time to say goodbye. I will always remember the amazing lessons that being a part of this chorus and this family has taught me – about singing and about life. I have loved singing since I was a young, inexperienced child and through my years in CCSA my love for singing has only grown. Thanks to the great direction and dedication of Mrs. McCormick and Mrs. Taute, and to the support and unending love of my fellow singers, I have become a confident singer. Some of the places and pieces that we have the opportunity to sing are as unique and awe-inspiring as the people I get to share the experience with as a part of CCSA. The camaraderie that exists amidst the choir members is something special – it takes a certain group of people to appreciate all the nerdy choir sayings. The memories I have from choir will continue with me throughout my life. I will never forget the trips to Mo Ranch for the retreat my first few years in Chamber Choir, sitting on stage at the Majestic for the first time, and harmonizing to “Happy Birthday.” There are so many reasons that my time with CCSA has been awesome, but the most important has to be getting to sing with a group of people who share my passion for music.


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