Senior Reflections – Sonny Luna

Music is something that has been a part of my soul from a very young age. By being a member of CCSA, I was able to turn my love of music into a working talent and for that I am eternally grateful. My time with the CCSA has been one of tremendous growth, increasing talent and close friends. It has been a chance for my siblings and I to grow closer and experience something together. Over the past 9 years or so Mondays (and previously Tuesdays and, before that, Thursdays) have held what can honestly be called an ever-fluctuating emotional status in my life. CCSA wasn’t always easy and the fun and camaraderie were often juxtaposed by rigorous rehearsals and difficult pieces. There were times when Monday afternoons were literally the best part of my week. Other Mondays consisted of a rather long, grouchy ride leading to the choir rooms of AHUMC. Despite this, there is nothing like the cold nervousness of being on stage before a show. Nothing like the peace you feel as your mind simultaneously focuses on every single note and beat and yet feels entirely empty. Your body works off of muscle memory and your eyes lock onto the conductor as the world focuses down into nothing but the music. There is a difference between singing a piece well and losing yourself in it but I always strive for that moment of cleansing. I will miss my time at CCSA but I will never stop singing.


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