Senior Reflections – Addison Cook

add_scanIn middle school, I chose to play an instrument over being in the school choir because my school schedule wouldn’t allow for both.  However, I loved to sing so my parents had me try out for CCSA.  I thought it would be a substitute for that school choir experience but quickly saw how CCSA would be so much more than that for me.  The music was harder, later with complicated rhythms and harmonies.  These made learning and perfecting them more of an accomplishment than I would have experienced in public school. As the music got to be more complex and challenging, my enjoyment singing with the CCSA increased in proportion. Also, the caliber of the voices in the groups made the performances sound amazing and I felt satisfied and proud after every single one.

Singing with CCSA has made me a great listener, a better performer, and a more accomplished singer.  The past seven years have helped fine-tune my musicianship as well.  Some of the experiences I had with CCSA, such as singing with the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra and going to Washington D.C. were astonishing, and made me feel like a professional singer.

Ms. McCormick and Ms. Taute have always made me feel extremely valued and treated me with great kindness.  I am glad I got to be a member such an awesome organization and will miss these wonderful teachers/directors who I’ve spent a significant portion of my life with.


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