An Afternoon with Nick Page!

We can't wait to share this experience with you!

We can’t wait to share this experience with you!

What is it like to experience an afternoon with Nick Page? It’s like attending the greatest performance on the planet. Except that you are no longer just an audience member – you and many other equally amazed people will be making the magnificent music. As an added bonus, the Pro Music Chorale on tour from Monterrey will be joining us for this performance! Come share this experience with us at Coker United Methodist Church on Sunday March 15th!

Nick Page is a Boston-based song leader, composer, and author who is dedicated to teaching people of all ages that they are capable of great miracles through the simple yet powerful, act of singing. He is the founder and Artistic Director of The Mystic Chorale, and works extensively with children and with educators (both classroom teachers and music specialists). He began leading sing-alongs for people of all ages, and traveled across North America leading what he calls “Power Sings” with adult groups, elementary, junior high, and senior high school students as well as at many colleges. He also began to incorporate the cultural styles of many traditions in his compositions, sometimes using elements from two or more traditions in the same piece.


The choir members of our Youth Academy, Junior Chorus, Project Sing and our guest choir from Monterrey, under the direction of Flora Rivera, will also be assisting Nick in leading and teaching the audience various songs. And remember: there’s no experience necessary to be a part of this audience! Come as you are with friends (as they are) and participate.

Here’s an excerpt from a story by Mr. Page himself about the loose nature of singing events that he’s used to: “A pitchpipe would be most unwelcome.   Someone establishes a pitch and everyone struggles to find the first pitches for each part. They then start to sing the song, soon realizing it’s either too high or too low.   They tend to sing everything very low, so the basses are in an uncomfortable range but everyone else is as happy as a clam.   I’m a trained choral musician, a fact that a few there know.   I try to stay out of the process of choosing the key.   But if they ask, I give them the perfect pitch to start on, never in the key it is written in.” (Shapenote Singing at Bread and Puppet, )

There will be a multitude of songs learned and performed, all followed by a combine performance of “Give Us Hope” by Jim Papoulis. This song was performed at the Bernstein MASS concert we recently had, and if the clapping along of the audience was any indication of how good this song feels then we’re sure no one will have any problem joining in with singing as well!


Who: The Children’s Chorus of San Antonio, Pro Music Chorale, and Nick Page

Cost: FREE admission

When: Sunday March 15 | 3:00pm

Where: Coker United Methodist Church, 231 E North Loop Road, San Antonio, TX 78216

We can’t wait to see you there!


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