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The Rivard Report’s take on Music Together, from a parent’s perspective!

Recently Bekah McNeel of The Rivard Report gave a glowing review of CCSA’s Music Together early childhood development program! In case you missed it, here’s the link:

We know how good this program is for our students, and it helps to see the appreciation of our students’ parents. We’ve seen in study after study (after studies) that music plays a critical role in our overall development, and that the effects are stronger the earlier music is introduced into our lives. We don’t want children to be denied this opportunity merely because of finances, which is why we do work with Haven for Hope. We want as many children as possible to have access – regardless of their family’s situation.DSC_0084-web

Our own Rebecca Morgan raises a great point when she asserts that “as we become a society of music consumers, we are less music makers.” We are actively encouraging people to participate in (rather than be subjected to) the world of music, because we know it will be a richer and more pleasant experience for our students and their families. McNeel sums things up rather perfectly: “Whether she is rocking out to “Des Colores,” or making her own music on her xylophone, it’s obviously that her brain is lighting up, and so is her soul.”

Check out the article – and start letting people know about the classes!

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Thanks Bekah McNeel and The Rivard Report for the great article!

-Darian Thomas