Senior Profile: Erin Evelyn Isler!


Isler Academy of Home Learning

College: Northwest Vista

Major: Elementary Education

“For as long as I can remember I’ve loved music, especially singing. I recall at age 6 when I was spinning around the kitchen, making up a song about butterflies. So when my mother told me about CCSA I was excited and apprehensive. Singing was fun, but I felt like singing in a choir couldn’t possibly be as enjoyable as singing by myself. I was entirely wrong. After the first rehearsal, I was hooked. Blending my voice with others’ voices creates a beauty that I have no hope of producing by myself. The experience of singing in concert with others is utterly unique. The emotional high that comes from a successful performance is irreplaceable. CCSA has been a major part of my childhood, and the memories I made and lessons I learned will stay with me forever. Thank you, CCSA!”

Erin Senior 2015

From the Family: Having learned about CCSA through homeschool circles, Erin jumped on the chance to audition. In a burgundy dress with a floral lace collar, the petite and bright-eyed girl of 9 years eagerly faced the challenge, and her smile lit up the room. Mrs. McCormick quickly put us at ease as she led Erin through the audition and placed her in the Junior Chorus. When asked how the first rehearsal went, Erin dreamily replied, “I think my ears have died and gone to heaven!” That statement pretty well sums up our years with CCSA. We have watched Erin grow from being one of the smallest in the choir to one of the tallest. We have listened to her sing in German, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Zulu, and Czech. We have heard the angelic voices in multiple venues, such as AHUMC, The Majestic, San Fernando Cathedral, St Mark’s Episcopal, and the Tobin, and in collaboration with other top-notch music organizations, such as YOSA, the San Antonio Symphony, the Mastersingers, and the San Antonio Chamber Choir. We have celebrated successes and powered through challenges alongside other CCSA friends and families. We have supported CCSA through fundraising, chaperoning, uniform committee, and – perhaps most importantly – making sure our singers attended rehearsals on a regular basis. The payoff has been huge: Erin’s smile still lights up the room as she connects with the music on a deep level, and we have reaped the benefit of journeying through a lifelong love of music together.

 – Diane and Chuck Isler


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